Flex Scaffolding Ltd Cookie Policy

Flex Scaffolding Ltd uses cookies and collects IP addresses (an IP address is a number that can uniquely identify a specific computer or other network device on the internet) from visitors to the Flex Scaffolding Ltd website.

This Cookie Policy covers the following topics:


1. Cookies and how we use them

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small amount of data, which often includes a unique identifier that is sent to your computer or mobile phone (referred to here as a "device") browser from a website's computer and is stored on your device's hard drive. Each website can send its own cookie to your browser if your browser's preferences allow it, but (to protect your privacy) your browser only permits a website to access the cookies it has already sent to you, not the cookies sent to you by other websites. Many websites do this whenever a user visits their website in order to track online traffic flows (statistics).

On Flex Scaffolding Ltd the website cookies record information about your online preferences and allow us to tailor the websites to your interests.
During the course of any visit to the Flex Scaffolding Ltd website, the pages you see, along with a cookie, are downloaded to your device. Many websites do this, because cookies enable website publishers to do useful things like find out whether the device (and probably its user) has visited the website before. This is done on a repeat visit by checking to see, and finding, the cookie left there on the last visit.

Setting your preferences

Users have the opportunity to set their devices to accept all cookies, to notify them when a cookie is issued, or not to receive cookies at any time. The last of these means that certain personalised features cannot then be provided to that user and accordingly they may not be able to take full advantage of all of the website's features. Each browser is different, so check the "Help" menu of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences.

How does Flex Scaffolding Ltd use cookies?

Information supplied by cookies can help us to analyse the profile of our visitors and help us to provide you with a better user experience. For example, if on a previous visit you went to our services pages, we might find this out from your cookie and highlight service information on your second and subsequent visits.

A list of the main cookies that the Flex Scaffolding Ltd website set (and what each is used for) can be found In Section 5.


2. How to control and delete cookies

Flex Scaffolding Ltd will not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information about you. However, if you wish to restrict or block the cookies which are set by the Flex Scaffolding Ltd website, or indeed any other website, you can do this through your browser settings. The Help function within your browser should tell you how.

Please be aware that restricting cookies may impact on the functionality of Flex Scaffolding Ltd.

If you wish to view your cookie code, just click on a cookie to open it. You'll see a short string of text and numbers. The numbers are your identification card, which can only be seen by the server that gave you the cookie.

For information on how to do this on the browser of your mobile phone you will need to refer to your handset manual.


3. Third Party Cookies on the Flex Scaffolding Ltd website

Please note that during your visits to the Flex Scaffolding Ltd website you may notice some cookies that are not related to Flex Scaffolding Ltd. To support our services, we sometimes embed photos and video content from websites such as YouTube and Flickr.
As a result, when you visit a page with content embedded from, for example, YouTube or Flickr, you may be presented with cookies from these websites. Flex Scaffolding Ltd does not control the dissemination of these cookies. You should check the third party websites for more information about these.


4. List of the main Flex Scaffolding Ltd cookies

This is a list of the main cookies set by the Flex Scaffolding Ltd website:

This set of cookies third party cookies supplied by addthis to enable you to share our content via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, these cookies are required to enable logins to each network.

This cookie stores a session ID for users who have not registered and logged in to the website to view standard website content.

This cookie is set by ASP.NET and stores the identifier of the currentuser's session i.e. Every time a user visits the website, they have a unique session ID. This stops page requests from being seen as independent requests, but part of a string of requests. This lasts for the user's current session only. A session is defined as the period of time that a unique user interacts with a Web application.

This cookie is generated by ASP.NET MVC and is designed to protect our website against malicious form post attacks.

This is a functional administration cookie that really only affects logged in users and administrators of the website, ensuring that the correct mode "edit mode" is the default setting for making website changes.

This cookie identifies the last page that was visited.

This cookie stores a session ID for users who have not registered and logged in to the website to view standard website content.

Stores user location to deliver country specific content.

This cookie is used to identify when the cookie directive warning should be displayed to a new visitor when they enter the website. It will continue to show until the user accepts the notice.


5. Contacting Flex Scaffolding Ltd about this Cookies Policy

If you have any questions or comments about this Cookie Policy please contact:
Unit 57,
Binders Industrial Estate,
Cryers Hill,
High Wycombe,
HP15 6LJ
Email: flexscaff@tiscali.co.uk

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